Every instrument is unique – and that’s how we treat them – like private patients.
Our specialization in the professional renovation of grand and upright pianos allows us to have an individual approach to the requirements of all of our precious customers.
We  love to apply black or white High Gloss Polyester in our  dust-free laquer shop or french polish by hand.
Our pianomakers, carpenters, technicians and tuners etc. see a treasure in every instrument, to which has to be given back the brightness and sound of the last century.
Our complex services contain partly or full refurbishment of case, backpost, action and keyboard, also veneering and conversion into modern instruments.
We are convinced, that we can satisfy even the most sensitive eye and ear.
Even from not complete instruments or just projects we are able to create beautiful and perfectly sound grand and upright pianos.

Please ask for a non-binding offer for YOUR instrument HERE.

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